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Periodontics in Rockwood


Your gums are sensitive and vulnerable. Conditions such as gum infections and gum disease can result in complications that not only include lost teeth but have also been linked to heart disease. We can help you keep your gums healthy with periodontal treatments.

Scaling and root planing

Irritation can make your gums vulnerable to infection. Tartar buildup and rough areas on the surface of your teeth and roots can cause irritation. We treat and prevent this by removing tartar and smoothing out rough spots on your teeth.

Tooth extraction

An infected tooth puts your whole mouth at risk and needs to be removed. We perform extractions as painlessly as possible and we help you choose replacement options for your lost tooth.

Ridge/Socket Preservation

When a tooth has been removed or lost the empty socket left behind can collapse. If this happens the bone surrounding the socket can become weaker. We keep this from happening by filling the socket.

Ridge Augmentation

Your teeth are surrounded by bone and gum tissue. This tissue is called the alveolar ridge. Infection and lost teeth can cause the ridge to deteriorate and change shape. We keep this from happening by grafting bone into the area to strengthen it.

Sinus Augmentation

When the bone tissue in your upper jaw is too thin to support a dental implant, we use bone grafts to build it up. When the grafts heal we can then safely place the implant.

Bone grafts

Bone grafts are used to strengthen bone tissue in your jaws. The grafted bone integrates with your natural bone to restore it to its original strength.

Pocket Depth Reduction

Sometimes the gum tissue around a tooth can pull away from the root and form a little pocket. These pockets can become infected if bacteria build up in them. To prevent this from happening we surgically reduce the pockets.

Flap Procedures

To access your jawbones or the roots of your teeth we make a small incision in your gums. This incision creates a small “flap” of tissue that is sutured back in place after the treatment.


Frenula are the small pieces of tissue that join the soft tissues of your mouth. The most familiar one connects your upper lip to the gum above your front teeth. Sometimes the frenula are too tight, and they need to be surgically removed.

Crown Lengthening

Gum tissue can be removed from around a tooth to make the crown appear longer or to expose the crown prior to the placement of a dental crown.

If you are suffering from sore or bleeding gums call us to book a dental examination.

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